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Healthy from the Very Beginning.

Comprehensive Formula Made from Natural Ingredients

Extensively Based on Research & Science


Advanced Acid Resistant Capsule

Engineered Using Powerful Technology


Unlike Patented Pearls & tablets, Our Capsules Don’t Utilize High Temperature & Pressure that Damage Probiotics During the Manufacturing Process

Acid Resistant

Stronger & Slower to Dissolve Than Coating on Patented Pearls & Tablets

Minimize the Risk of Bad Aftertaste

Eliminate Two of the Chief Causes of Shortened Shelf Life: Heat & Moisture


Kosher Certified

What people are saying about Nexabiotic?


By far definitely the best probiotic ever! Was diagnosed with C-Diff in Oct. last year and read much about taking probiotics. I did lots of research on this and decided to order Nexabiotics. I started to feel great after a week and ordered 6 months of it! I have never felt better with lots of energy, and thank heavens, no more c-diff recurrences. I take 2 every morning, and will continue to for life! Great product!




I absolutely love NEXABIOTIC. I had a constant diarrhea for months. Went to GI doctors. None could find the cause of it as all results were negative. They just say: IBS -to put a name for something they have no idea what is the real cause of it. “Just take imodium” I used to take 4 Imodiums a day just to be able to function. I knew it was not IBS, and thank God, I came across your website and EUREKA!!! Found the solution. Huge THANK YOU for such a great product. I took two capsules for a month, then gradually decreased to one. Now one capsule until death do us part. Thank you again! I really can’t thank you enough. I give you a thousand stars, the moon.




I suffered from stomach problems for over thirty years. Until I found this product. Finally a probiotics that has completely reversed my symptoms. I took meds for over 15 yrs. since taking this product for the last two years and stopping all the prescription meds, I feel like a new woman. My nails are growing strong again, skin is glowing and my stomach is perfect. I ran out of this once for over a week, and my symptoms returned. Whether it be the additives in our foods and beverages that alters our stomachs, this product is.a must for anyone suffering any and all stomach issues. Try it for six months and you be the judge!


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Nexabiotic Advanced Nexabiotic Kids – Probiotic Pearls for Kids Nexabiotic Infants – Probiotics for Infants

Number of Probiotic Strains

23 including B infantis, S boulardii, L Acidophilus

9 Including B infantis and L reuteri

7 Including L acidophilus and B longum

Dose per Serving at time of Manufacture

†34.5 Billion CFUs

†6.0 Billion CFUs

†11.5 Billion CFUs

Protection from Stomach Acid


Contains the hardy acid-resistant probiotic Bacillus subtilis


19mm x 6mm Capsules

Easy to swallow 6mm Citrus-Flavored Pearls

Pre-dosed Flavorless, Easy to Mix Probiotic Powder in Easy to Open Capsules

Intended for

Ages 12 and Up

Kids 3+

Infants and Up

Why Nexabiotic™?

Typical western diets are too sterile and not diverse enough to maintain optimal probiotic levels. They supplement the gastrointestinal tract with beneficial organisms and are one of the most popular health supplements because they help maintain digestive health.

Nexabiotic™ has been formulated to cover all bases in terms of probiotics. Nexabiotic™ provides your digestive tract with a 21 strains of  probiotic organisms. Nexabiotic™ capsules are also enteric coated so that stomach acid does not attack the probiotics while the capsule is in the stomach.

What can Nexabiotic™ do for you?

Probiotics provide a number of benefits including: balanced, regular digestion, consistent bowels and bowel movements, and a stronger immune system.

What is the digestive system?

Most people do not notice the complexities of the digestive system. Only when it becomes troublesome do people pay attention to it. The digestive system is one of the most important systems in your body. It provides your body with the means to absorb essential fluids and nutrients. In it, food is broken down into its microscopic substituents and absorbed into the bloodstream to be used by the rest of the body.

It is a complicated process that begins in the mouth and ends in the toilet. Your teeth grind and chew food to make it easier to process. It travels down the esophagus into the stomach where stomach acid and mechanical churning helps to break down particles on the molecular level. After several hours it travels into the small intestines where it gets broken down by secretions that help your body absorb fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Eventually, the mixture makes its way to the large intestine where water is reabsorbed and waste passed through.

The role of probiotic organisms

Your body couldn’t possibly do all this alone. There are some things that it cannot digest without the help of certain organisms. For example, many people do not make sufficient amounts of lactose-digesting enzymes and are “lactose intolerant.” There are bacteria that produce that very enzyme and can help you digest lactose.

There are other bacteria that live in your gut and prevent otherwise bad bacteria from taking over. These probiotics help by producing compounds called bacteriocins that prevent bad bacteria from establishing themselves in the gut.

Previous scientific thought emphasized the need for sterility and cleanliness. But it has been recently revealed that excessive cleanliness during a child’s early development leads to the development of digestive problems and allergies later on in life.

International travelers will often get diarrhea because they aren’t used to the microflora in foreign countries. They have never been exposed to them and the body does not know how to react to them. Probiotics can help these foreign microbes at bay and prevent “traveler’s diarrhea.”

Bacteria are everywhere and we must learn how to live with them. Digestive problems can pop up if we don’t. Diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and irregular bowel movements are all signs that something is amiss with our digestive systems.

The comprehensive formulation of Nexabiotic™ may help promote healthy and normal digestion.